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At Harvey’s we know the last thing your workday needs is interruptions or lag in productivity. More efficiency and prolonged life of your equipment is what we deliver with top-quality lubricants geared to keep your machinery - and your business - running at peak performance.

Heavy Gear Oil

For extreme pressure operations in a wide temperature range

Petro-Canada provides a complete line of lubricants for gear drives and bearing systems operating under the toughest conditions — whether under extreme pressure or wide ranges of temperature.


For severe load and extreme temperature conditions

ENDURATEX gear oils are extreme pressure lubricants designed for enclosed industrial gear drives operating under severe load conditions or in wide temperature extremes.


High Quality, Extreme Pressure Lubricants

Designed for enclosed industrial gear drives operating under severe load and extreme temperatures.

Increase Productivity, Save Cost

Formulated with leading edge additive technology, for long-lasting protection to increase productivity and save you money.


For wide range of gear, bearing and compressor applications

The SYNDURO SHB family of Synthetic multifunctional fluids is specially formulated for the lubrication of gears, bearings and air compressors operating under demanding conditions.

SYNDURO SHB™ Synthetic multifunctional fluids are suitable for a wide range of gear, bearing and compressor applications – in the forestry, mining, marine and heavy-duty industries where low seasonal start-up temperatures and/or high operating temperatures prevail.

  • Highest oxidation stability in its class
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Superior wear protection
  • Excellent resistance to rust and corrosion
  • High viscosity index
  • Suitable for older equipment

Petro-Canada Industrial Gear Oil Products

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Commercial Lubricant Services

Province-Wide Bulk Delivery

Wherever you’re located, Harvey’s meets your needs with second-to-none on-time bulk lubricant delivery. Whatever industry you’re in, we can service your bulk lubricant needs with the latest technology, competitive pricing, and dedication to safety that today’s industries demand.

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Hydraulic Oil

HYDREX™ and ENVIRON™ Hydraulic Fluids from Harvey’s and Petro-Canada resist thermal and oxidative breakdown, provide extended drain intervals, guard against equipment wear, and minimize sludge and varnish deposits. It’s the year-round performance you can trust.

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Castrol Marine Lubricants

Harvey’s is proud to supply the industry’s best marine lubricants from Petro Canada Lubricants and Castrol Marine Lubricants. Marine professionals can count on extended machinery life, greater efficiency and reliability.

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Heavy Gear Oil

Engineered for extremes, Heavy Gear Oil Products from Harvey’s and Petro-Canada meet the demands of temperature and pressure head on, so your workday – and your business – can progress with confidence.

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Passenger Car Motor Oil

Our full line of passenger car motor oils take standards for safety and performance into overdrive, outpacing the benchmarks set by the car manufacturers themselves, and exceeding the latest OEM performance credentials.

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Food-Grade Oils

Harvest more safety, productivity, and peace of mind with Petro-Canada’s PURITY™ FG food-grade lubricants from Harvey’s. They meet the highest industry standards and are guaranteed to perform under the most high-pressure food processing conditions.

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